2014-2014 Sketchbook

watercolored ponies

This sketchbook only took 5 1/2 months to fill, I have been drawing more yay!

Exploring Our New Neighborhood, Disneyland, and Other Drawings
Matt and I moved to Culver City in February and we love it here. There are a lot of fun little community events, lots of restaurants, and it is very walkable. Some of these drawings are of haul from the Farmer’s market one Tuesday, a Firetruck at a festival for Fire Service Day, and the inside of some cafes.

The other drawings are from mini adventures; hikes, Disneyland, driving around San Marino because I love pretty houses, etc.

Impromptu 48 Hr Trip to San Francisco
I was really itching for a mini vacation and specifically craving San Francisco (embarrassingly because I had been binge watching Charmed on Netflix). I realized that I had enough travel points to book us a stay at the Raddison of Fisherman’s Wharf for free, so Matt and I decided to drive up for the weekend. We wanted to explore and relax, take pictures and sketch.

Then, because we are both workaholic planners, we determined exactly the activities we wanted to do, made a map, printed directions, created an itinerary that scheduled us down to the minute, and spent the weekend vacationing with military precision. We severely overdid it have decided to try to try to achieve more of a balance next trip (going to Seattle and Michigan later this month, so we can try that out).

Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Yep, that the real name of this event. Mel and I try to go every year because it is a great place to draw people in costumes. Also they actually like being drawn! Regular people get really uncomfortable or rigid when they notice you are drawing them. Ren faire people pose or get excited.

Santa Anita Race Track
Going to the race track in the morning is an Easter tradition for Matt and me. Santa Anita is a really pretty race track. We never win anything significant, but the people watching is superb.

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  1. I’m using your wonderful mineral drawings for the kids to color at our rock club; really teaching colored pencils; use color families, mix colors and darks and lights!! Your drawings are perfect!! Thanks you so much for sharing!! love your art work!! Betsy

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