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Samantha George, digital painting of light coming through trees.

Playing With Light and Digital “Pastels”

Quick little digital sketch. I am supposed to practicing drawing people and animals…but I am also practicing playing with light and looking at shapes. I…

watercolored ponies

2014-2014 Sketchbook

This sketchbook only took 5 1/2 months to fill, I have been drawing more yay! Exploring Our New Neighborhood, Disneyland, and Other Drawings Matt and…

Part of my Mammoth Drawing

2013-2013 Sketchbook

Natural History Museum and LA Zoo Mattel gives 2 weeks off for Christmas break (love my job!). We didn’t travel for Christmas this year, and…

watercolor and ballpoint sketch of the Palace of Fine arts in San Franscisco

2011-2013 Sketchbook

At 1 year and 9 months, this sketchbook took the longest to fill. I now try to fill a sketchbooks at least every 6 months….

sketches of horses and riders

2010-2011 Sketchbook; Horses Disneyland and Misc

Continuing my ongoing posts of the last 5 years of sketchbooks. Horses for Senior Thesis For my senior thesis I decided to design a line…

2009-2010 My First “Real” Sketchbook

And then, after learning all that and having so much fun!… I didn’t keep a sketchbook again for 2 years. I was getting my creative…

graphit on toned paper sketch of gargoyles

2007 France Trip Sketchbook

France Trip Sketchbook,  2007 The sketches below are from a class trip I took to France in 2007, in my sophomore year of college. We…


Hello and 5 Years of Sketchbooks

Hi! I blog now. My first few posts will be scans of my sketchbooks. Sketchbooks are and blogs are both informal, so sketchbooks seemed like…