Hello and 5 Years of Sketchbooks

Hi! I blog now.

My first few posts will be scans of my sketchbooks. Sketchbooks are and blogs are both informal, so sketchbooks seemed like a good place to start. I have 7 sketchbooks, about 5 years worth.

Technically, I have sketchbooks all the way back through high school, but I am not counting those. I hate homework, and the sketchbooks I kept before 2009 were all assignments I did for a class. That was very effective at draining out all the fun and turning something joyous into work.

In 2007, I did one “assignment sketchbook” for a class trip to France that I enjoyed. That was a big turing point, but was not enough to inspire me to start a personal sketchbook for everyday life. I really started keeping a sketchbook properly, for my own reasons and not a class, in 2009. I have my friend Melanie Hopper to thank for that  (and for many great ideas and other constant inspirations).

I decided to scan the last 5 years of sketchbooks as a way to say hello and also a way to dump a lot of creative material onto my empty new blog at all at once. Lets make a mess. But in Sam style, an organized mess, in order, from oldest to most recent with neat little thumbnails.

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