Gem Coloring Page

On a coloring page making roll leading up to Designer Con this weekend! You can print this page at home and color it for FREE – have fun! I’ll also be giving them away at Designer Con at the Pasadena Convention Center this weekend (Nov 21-22) on regular paper AND I’ll be printing coloring pages on watercolor paper (fancy fancy) and selling them for $1 – a bargain.

free coloring page of gem line art by Samantha C George

Free Gem and Mineral Coloring Page

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  1. I would love to see the full version of this page coloured by you please! Thank you for an awesome page to colour!

  2. I’m using these for my daughter’s 8th birthday party with a gems and minerals theme. Thank you for this beautiful printable! I love your work. Thank you!

  3. Hi Samantha!
    My name is also Samantha. I am contacting you about this coloring page because I am wondering if you would be alright if I added it to the backside of the Kids Menu I have created for a vegan restaurant in Everett WA called Cafe Wylde. We are still a new restaurant and trying to do things on the cheap side so when we saw free color page AND its gems, and our Kids Menu is called The Little Gems Menu we are hooked! I downloaded the copy and I see it has your logo and we are desperately hoping that broadcasting that on our menus will be a good trade off for you. We would also only be using this coloring page for temporary use as our plan is to change the coloring option frequently. Please let me know ASAP!

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