2009-2010 My First “Real” Sketchbook

And then, after learning all that and having so much fun!… I didn’t keep a sketchbook again for 2 years.

I was getting my creative fix and didn’t need anymore “homework”. I was in art school. Majoring in Toy design. Working until all hours on projects.

Then Melanie got me into keeping a sketchbook. Really keeping a real sketchbook for the first time. Just for fun. Not for a class or a trip, not homework! We would get together to go on little sketching adventures, and I discovered what a joy it is to draw just for fun. I started drawing everything, first just with Mel and then on my own. Mel and I still sketch together often, as well as on our own.

Here are the drawings worth sharing from my first real sketchbook:

Excerpts from my sketchbook from January 2009 – January 2010

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