2010-2011 Sketchbook; Horses Disneyland and Misc

sketches of horses and riders

Continuing my ongoing posts of the last 5 years of sketchbooks.

Horses for Senior Thesis
For my senior thesis I decided to design a line of dolls and toy horses (my major was Toy Design). These are a bunch of drawings I did in my sketchbook to practice horses and study poses.

Disneyland as a Place to Draw
In 2010 Melanie and I also had the brilliant idea to go draw at Disneyland. I think we had a free ticket because Matt had bought us park hopper 2 day tickets for my birthday, and was completely burned out on it after day 1 (he hates Disneyland) so he gave his ticket to Mel. Since it was a “free ticket” we didn’t feel like it was a waste of the day to draw instead of ride rides. A tradition was born.

Everything Else in 2010-2011
Other misc drawing from 2009. Including watercolors of the homeless people in the downtown emergency room from the night we spend there when Matt broke his elbow.

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